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Neighbor Property Disputes

Property disputes with your neighbor can be very troubling, particularly when you live in the property. They come in many varieties, ranging from simple tree issues to complex boundary and easement disputes, and even acquiring a neighbor’s property or a portion of their property using legal theories such as adverse possession and easements by prescription.

Most neighbor disputes involve very complex legal theories, and the outcome of the dispute is often determined based on two factors, the case facts/evidence, and the attorneys’ understanding of these complex areas of law.

I handle a variety of neighbor disputes including overhanging trees, easement issues, boundary disputes, adverse possession and prescriptive easements, and more. Wherever possible, I seek to accomplish client goals quickly and cheaply through direct communications and through the mediation process, and when circumstances warrant it, litigating the issues until the client’s goals are accomplished.

I have represented many East Bay clients in neighbor disputes. If you have questions, or need representation by a California real estate attorney involving a property issue with your neighbor in either the residential or commercial setting, please feel free to contact me to arrange for a consultation at (510) 465-0025.


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