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Case Analysis and Case Planning

A potential case or dispute has a variety of components once the dispute develops. Those components include initial case analysis, development of a case plan, implementing the case plan, (including discovery and litigation), negotiating a settlement, and trial or other dispositive motion (such as a motion for summary judgment), concluding the case.

Perhaps the most important and critical phase of this process is case analysis. This is the foundation by which all other aspects of your case depends. Case analysis will tell you the potential strength (or weakness) of a case, it will help you understand the potential costs associated with a case or lawsuit, and it will serve as an outline of the case issues, and the development of a case plan that serves as a blueprint on how you are going to use any prospective case to achieve your goals in resolving the dispute or issue.

The importance of the case analysis and the case planning phases cannot be understated. It is my belief that they are the most important components of the case or lawsuit. It is in the case analysis and case plan that cases are won and lost. Discovery and litigation, settlement negotiations, and if all else fails, trial or dispositive motion are very important. However, those things are only effective if the case analysis is thorough and properly thought out, and the case plan, utilizing the case analysis, is well thought out.

Any case/lawsuit that we take on, is always preceded first, by a case analysis, and then development of a case plan. We also offer these services alone without the necessity of having to hire us as litigation counsel. We offer case analysis and/or case planning alone, either on an hourly basis or on a flat fee basis. The amount of the fees will depend upon the individual case and the time it is anticipated that will have to be spent on the analysis and case plan.

If you are interested in a case analysis or case plan, please feel free to give me a call. You can reach me by calling 510-465-0025 (Oakland Office) or 925-708-3306 (Walnut Creek Office), or by filling out the contact form on the right side of this page.

I look forward to hearing from you.