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Real Estate Title Disputes and Issues

Real property title issues can be amongst the most important real estate cases, largely because so much is at stake. If the court decides a title case (that is, the parties do not settle the case), the decisions tend to be all or nothing. I handle a wide variety of real property title disputes and issues including, quiet title actions, partition actions, wrongful foreclosure actions and actions to set aside foreclosure sales, easement disputes, and many more title issues and disputes.

Representative Title Cases

Partition Actions
Lis Pendens Issues
Equitable Title Claims and Litigation
Adjoining Property Disputes
Easement Creation, Termination, Issues and Disputes
Prescriptive Easements
Adverse Possession
Boundary Disputes
Foreclosure Sale Avoidance and Setting Aside Foreclosure Sales
Mechanics’ Liens & Stop Notices and Litigation
Marvin Actions
Title Insurance Claims
Enforcement of Installment Land Sales Contracts

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