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“One of the most honest lawyers I have ever come across, in 15 years of my professional career. He is very clear in his objectives and sets up realistic goals for his clients. I would recommend him highly. He saved me in a very tough situation and never judged me for ending up in that situation. He has a step by step approach which enabled him to understand my complicated state of affairs in just a few appointments over the phone. In one sentence: Reasonable Fees, Great Service and No drama!! Best of the best. ”*

—PG, Client

“Robert Levy worked with me on a serious real estate case that could have made me liable for over one hundred & fifty thousand dollars. I couldn’t have had a better lawyer handle my situation. Robert knows the law, strategy, how to handle the personalities involved, and how to achieve a settlement that works for both parties involved. The settlement was handled aggressively, ethically, efficiently, and with much appreciated expediency within my budget. I would highly recommend Robert Levy to anyone that has a serious legal matter. Robert provided me top rate representation with a reasonable fee structure. Thanks again, Robert”

-JB, Client

  “It is a great relief to have someone like Robert in my referral list for those times when my largely transaction-based business finds itself (or one of its clients) with a need for a savvy, aggressive and ethical litigator. The clients who I have referred to Robert consistently remark upon how impressed they were with both the man and the results.”*

—CP- Real Estate Broker/Attorney

“I just want to thank you for taking my case. I contacted Robert I. Levy because I had lost my life savings due to a fraudulent transaction made by a real state agent. Right away Robert started working on my case. He contacted the right people to help with my case. He kept me informed of every step in the process. My phone calls and emails were responded in a timely matter. With his effort, efficiency and negotiating skills he was able to collect half of the money lost from one source. Robert continued working until he collected the entire sum. Robert Levy was able to resolve my case efficiently and in a most economical way. I am pleased to recommend Robert I. Levy to anyone who has legal issues in his service area.”*

NE-M, Client

Robert is an experienced, patient and knowledgeable attorney. He always gives great advice but his fee is reasonable. Robert is someone you can trust during a time of need. I have retained quite a few attorneys over the years. Most of them either don’t know what they are doing or only work for themselves by charging you an arm and a leg. I would recommend Robert if you are really looking for a good attorney to protect your interest.

-MD, Client and Real Estate Broker

I am always delighted to send my friends, family, and/or colleagues Rob’s way if they have questions or concerns regarding real estate law. Rob is a smart, dedicated attorney and I highly recommend him for your real estate legal needs…!”*

—CB, Attorney

“I first contacted Robert Levy after consulting with two other attorneys. Robert handled 2 separate cases for me, both real estate-related. The first case was complicated: we were sued, and we countersued. That case was decided in our favor in Solono County by a judge, and again decided in our favor after appeal by the other party. At the end we obtained everything we wanted. Robert was efficient and communicated well. All deadlines were met and he kept me fully involved in the litigation process.

In the second case, Robert Levy put another party on notice that they had encroached on our commercial property. After a series of letters, phone calls, and exchange of other evidence documents we were able to convince the other party that we were correct, and the other party removed their encroachments. We were able to do this without any action and with a minimum of expense.”*

DM, Client

“I contacted Mr Levy concerning a real estate matter that I was involved in. I was being unlawfully evicted from my residence and my right to purchase the property under a lease option contract was being ignored. I spoke with Mr Levy about the matter he advised me of the law relating to it.  He promptly filed a lawsuit and stopped a pending sale of the property to a third party. We then commenced a negotiation with the bank that resulted in me purchasing the property under terms quite favorable to me. I couldn’t have been more pleased.  Thanks again”*

CB, Client

Robert Levy was recommended to me by a colleague. I found him personable, thoughtful, helpful and a good communicator. He did a great job researching a legal issue and provided me with the court cases so I could understand the nuances. I would highly recommend him, and will use him again if needed.”*

CD, Accountant/Enrolled Agent

“After 17 years in the real estate business, I finally had my first experience of arbitration.

Luckily, I met Robert Levy. From the first consultation to final resolution, Robert was able to explain matters in plain English, and kept me posted every step of the way. My phone calls and emails were always responded to on a timely manner. For professional, quality work, he was very fair about his fees. Since I was not the main person directly involved with the subject transaction, Robert was able to get me off of the litigation. He further offered options for me to claim and recuperate my expenses.

It is never fun to be involved with any law suit, but having Robert on my side, I felt a lot more confident. Now, I refer all my clients to him when legal services are needed. I certainly would not hesitate recommending him to anyone.”*

PC, Client and Real Estate Broker

“I came to Robert Levy with a great big mess on my hands.

If it wasn’t for Robert Levy’s expertise, I would have lost $60,000, essentially my life savings. I had lent $60,000 to a person I thought was a friend. The loan was secured by a second mortgage on his home. He then defaulted on the loan, and there was no equity in the property for me to collect the debt. I came to Robert Levy, and he helped me stop the first mortgage from foreclosing. He then advised me how to become an owner of the property, without having to pay any money to become an owner. Then Mr. Levy negotiated a short payoff on the first mortgage.

Now I am proud to say that I own the property, I am a landlord, and maintain a positive cash flow on the property each month, all because of Mr. Levy’s efforts and expertise. Thanks again, Mr. Levy!”*

—AA, Client

“Robert has the temperament and the knowledge to get positive outcomes for his clients. He also has recommended specialists that were just as effective.”*

—JS, Accountant/C.P.A.

“I hired Mr. Levy to assist me with the dissolution of a same-sex relationship. At the time, I did not live in the Bay Area and had to make numerous trips to the area to work on the legal proceedings. Mr. Levy worked well with me long distance and helped facilitate my travel to and from the area. He provided me with competent legal assistance and representation that protected my interests for a reasonable fee, and he showed an appropriate amount of compassion and empathy for the difficult situation I was facing.”*

—PC, Client

Robert and I have been working on a personal case related to a partnership issue for the past year and a half.  During this period Robert has been diligent to resolve this issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Robert followed this case very closely and kept me informed of the progress. His recommendations and legal advice were very helpful in the decisions I needed to make.  The personal relationship established by Robert made it very easy for me to understand all aspects of this case. I would highly recommend him, and will use him again if needed.”*

HH, Client

“I met Robert Levy in the middle of a very difficult part of my lawsuit. By the time I met Robert, the fight had been dragging on for quite a long time and we had no solution in sight. Mr. Levy reviewed the documentation, developed a clear strategy to settle the case, and carried it out to fruition. His knowledge of the law, his intelligence and guidance were crucial to a positive outcome. Without his help and vision I am certain the case would not have developed in a positive manner.  Robert Levy, like it or not, is stuck with me no matter what legal problem I find myself in.”*

ZQ, Client and Business Owner

Robert Levy has been a great source of legal information with real estate questions and solutions with challenging tenants.”*

—JG, Real Estate Agent”

“Robert Levy is a strong advocate for his clients who operates with efficiency and professionalism.”*

—KW- Attorney

“My experience with the Law Office of Robert Levy:

Available. Convenient. Informed. Robert handled a complex real estate issue for me efficiently and affordably. I got an appointment right away and we created a strategy that made sense and accomodated our limited timeframe. I needed aggressive representation in an area of real estate law that is still evolving. He did the research, made the contacts, and closed out my case to my complete satisfaction.”*

—LD, Real Estate Broker